Buy or Sell property hassle free

Are you keen to find your dream home without any hassles? We can help.

Most real estate sites only allow you to list property or get alerts when new properties matching your search criteria come on the market.
WOWROX goes extra mile by providing you peace of mind with our smart platform, where you will save enormous amount of time without commuting, searching online, phone or email communications, negotiations, interviewing multiple agents and much more. The top local professionals will contact you and their profiles are transparent for you to review. You are in control to decide if you’re getting the best local top professionals and the best deal on your side.
Refer to the Property Listings section to get started.

Generate more leads for your business

Are you struggling to generate more lead for your business? You are not alone.

Identify the hottest leads so you can close sales faster, centralize all customer interactions and receive reports to identify active buyers/sellers to save time, simplify your day and improve productivity.
We offer a single platform with a range of tools and services which help you build, grow and sustain your business. Our Find Professionals links buyers, sellers, local top professionals together, we build sales and marketing in one place through our Advertising services, and you get to buy or sell property easily through our Property Listings services.

A single platform – multiple ways to communicate

Break free from being restricted to email and phone. WOWROX hosts a wealth of features you can use to communicate faster, easier, and to your liking.

Be a valuable professional to others

Are you the professional who can be valuable to their clients? We think so.

Create your professional profile by sharing expertise, stories, recent sales history, partake in any professional group discussions and any problem-solving tips which may be imperative to your potential clients.
WOWROX also allows buyers or sellers to get advice and opinions from local real estate agents, brokers and other local experts on our Find Professionals online community.