WOWROX is a Real Estate data app, using Ai technology connecting Real Estate Agents with potential buyers.


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Engaging with prospective buyers is often time-consuming and difficult, demanding a lot of resources. There is simply not enough time to follow up on every referral, online enquiry and open house viewer.

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The WOWROX app can remove this productivity barrier. Our mission is to provide real agents with the tools to qualify buyers for a specific market or property. The data is available, let WOWROX help you make the right connections.

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  • The ability to screen out unqualified or unmotivated buyers

  • Information about potential buyers will be delivered in real-time

  • Information will be collated by relevance and location specific


  • Allow agents to focus on qualified and motivayed buyers

  • Access to quantified information ensuring increased success

  • The ability to engage with a qualified or motivated buyers

Why choose us?

The Real Estate industry is typified by disaggregated, unnavigable and un-currated information leading to poorly informed decision making and reduced participation

The data is available. It's just a matter of mining and presenting to the right target audience. In a world of match making algorithms that can match a customer to a taxi, or establish a human relationship; Real Estate transactions are no different

Together with the WOWROX product Ai features and your professional skills, lets help move the property market into the future

About us

Abhishek Sharma

Co-founder, CEO

A creative entrepreneur, visionary and great team player. He shares a vision of launching a unique global game changer platform for matching demand and supply in the Real Estate industry. He wants to proactively identify and streamline inefficiencies in the Real Estate sector through WOWROX Ai technology. He has proven his abilities in running a successful business off the ground whilst deploying critical solutions and providing technical consultancy. He has designed and deployed complex systems for several years for various organisations (including DATACOM); where he also engaged with technical and business users from all levels within organisation.


Vinay Varma

Co-founder, Head of Technology

Innovator, entrepreneur and an IT professional with 19 years expertise in the industry. Experienced in all aspects of technology, business formation, operation, finance, and management. Visionary product developer with deep focus on solving problems for a better world. Effective communicator and motivator who identifies and leverages assets in teammates to reach organizational goals. Relentless optimist who believes feedback is the route to success.

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